Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Who in the shit is Foster?

"Just Kidding" EP

Coming straight out of California's whitest suburbs, is Foster; the substance abusing maniac. If you must understand him, then listen to this explosive combination of hip hop, jazz and fuckyouinthemind. Mixed and mastered by our very own brown lip bastard, comes the Just Kidding EP. Look at his frothy, pale face on the cover. It's definitely something that your mama might like, or even better.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Abhi The Nomad - Suitcase EP

abhi in a suitcase

Recorded in 2-3 days from scratch, Abhi The Nomad claws at a whole new spectrum of sound with the Suitcase EP. From electronic house-hop to down-tempo and psychedelic beats, comes an ear-throbbing collection of songs: The soundtrack to your average-ass life.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Honey Moon On Friday The 13th...

Friday. The city collectively heaved a sigh of relief, as the two days of freedom from servitude (more commonly known as the weekend) had finally arrived. But today is not just any Friday, it’s Friday the 13th...

Now tradition dictates this day to be one of drunk shit for many, yet Destruction Of Cats are scheduled to work night-shift this ominous evening...

Far above the superstitious patrons paying for beverages to reduce their abilities of logic and balance respectively to that of a neanderthal and toddler... Far beyond the radars of the homeless hustlers trying to arouse a coin from the passer-by's with their rehearsed stories of military grandeur, we are climbing to rooftops of Atlanta to experience the city and everything you pass on a daily basis from a different perspective… But little did we suspect that our adulterous escapade with the city tonight would coincide with a rare lunar occurrence dating back centuries... Ohh lord, raise me up.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Appreciation vs. Experience

While the nightscape of Atlanta can be appreciated from the relative safety of the ground, only from the edge of a dank rooftop can it be experienced...

A lone warrior stands solemn at night while observing his pray: The tallest building in Atlanta.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Somewhat Splendid & Significantly Superb, Fairywren

Splendid, superb, variegated, wagtails, warblers... The wearer of many labels. Ngarrindjeri people call them Waatij Pulyeri, or ‘little one of the bush’...

The Ngarrindjeri people, Aboriginal Australians, call fairywrens Waatij Pulyeri, or ‘little one of the bush’.

Today, we meander the snake-infested Minnippi Parklands of Brisbane, Australia in search of a peculiar feathered-flyer known to the rest of the world as a Fairywren...

Monday, 2 June 2014

Colors Of The Kula

A high-pitched screech heard from some treetops causes you to stop and scan the sky. The sound is of a distinctly jungle nature, yet we are in the urban capital of Suva - The most developed hub in the pacific. Look as fast as you can and you may see a bird-shaped blur for a split second. But there are birds everywhere here...

Another screech echoes through the air. The ubiquitous call is heard every day, but listened to far less often. It’s usually absorbed by the ambience, or mistaken for the unrelenting chatter of the invasive Myna or Bulbul (both considered ecological pests). However, from the villages to the city, evidence of empty flower kernels sprinkled beneath palm trees reveals a colorful reward for bright ears and sharp eyes: Not easy to spot, but hardest to miss, the 'Kula' is a native parrot and the national animal of the Fiji Islands.

A young Kula hangs from the inflorescence of a golden cane palm.