Sunday, 21 September 2014

Samuel the Rickshaw driver

Approaching people for pictures can be treated as an art in itself, and is a very important component of street photography. You may make a new friend or learn some new profanity. You have a small window for judging the state of mind the person is in, and though you may have a few templates up your sleeve like the sultry suave guy at a bar, you may have to improvise something entirely new and string words together in a permutation you never have stumbled upon before. You could go the boring route of “Hey, do you mind if I take a picture of you?” and get the same results, same number of likes and shares and etc but when you look at that picture in the future, you won’t have a personal story that brings it alive after all those years. Here’s how we decided to approach Samuel, the driver of a black cycle rickshaw who was also wearing a black t-shirt which was rendered white in Infrared...

DOC: “Hey that’s a really nice white t-shirt you are wearing.”
S: “White? This is black my friend.”
DOC: “I don’t know, it look pretty white in my camera, here look...”
S: “Oh wow and my rickshaw is still black?! How? What kind of camera is this?”
And we went on to explain and show him other examples and soon he was roped into the world of infrared. Seeing his expressions of awe and disbelief were reward enough, but we had to make him part of our project...
DOC: "Can we take one last picture of you?”
S: "Ofcourse!"

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Let's play a game...

I was searching for something vibrant to show the direct difference between visible and infrared light when I found this mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. "Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way". What a coincidence, just as the same lyrics resonate out of my pocket (via phone speakers) from the mouth of musician Dyme-A-Duzin... I bump into my long lost cousin, people lover and live on the beats, DJ Amer (Rhymes with beer) Jandali!

Firstly, check him out here

Secondly, lets play a game of spot the difference...

The girl with the umbrella

A heavy afternoon downpour seemed to bring Brooklyn, New York to a pause when anyone en route via the sidewalk were sent scampering beneath awnings and umbrellas... Except me;) I always believe the worst conditions create the best pictures... That's why the moment that the four wheels of my skateboard hit wet Metropolitan avenue, fate deemed it inevitable that I would be taking one of #NYIR's best pictures, 'the girl with the umbrella'.

The sunshine coming through the clouds cast a beautiful infrared glow over the equally beautiful Alexandra standing outside Kellogg's Diner in the afternoon rain. This made the eye catching (and matching!) red, orange and yellow floral designs of her umbrella and dress appear ghostly white...

New York in Infrared

Much love to PetaPixel for sharing our Infrared Conversion Tutorial with people all over the world! If we had the means, we would fly straight to your hometown and show you it's hidden beauty with our mutated Infrared camera. For now, we are ecstatic to present a sneak peek of our pictures from the mesmerizing city of New York! More coming sewwwn!


Sunday, 14 September 2014


“Until the 20th century, “reality” was everything humans could touch, smell, see and hear. Since the initial publication of the chartered electromagnetic spectrum… humans have learned that what they can touch, smell, see and hear is less than one millionth of reality.”

Foreword by Niles Davis.

Here at Destruction Of Cats Technologies, we bring you cutting edge innovations at the forefront of the photographic revFURlution with the aid of duct tape, cardboard and other salvageable treasures found in neglected trashcans in deserted alleyways.

3 years ago, in the alleyways of Bondi Beach, Stevender hacked into his camera against the wishes of his friends, family and ancestors to reveal a hidden spectrum invisible to mere mortals: Infrared.

Without permission, Stevender has mauled my pristine EOS 550D (Rebel T2i) with his raggy paws and performed black magic so dank it would send a shiver down Mr. Crowley’s crooked spine. Now my frankensteined camera has the ability to photograph and film the world in the surreal spectrum of infrared.

This is how he did it.

Random Disclaimer: As we claw through your camera, let’s make it clear that you have entrusted the fate and future of your pawtography career in our furry paws by your own choice. Once you receive your new revolutionary camera that will make you question the world around you once again (or maybe even for the first time), we are not liable for any missing parts, dismembered rat tails left behind in the body, urinous aroma, etc. This is not a soldering or glass cutting class – You must learn these things on your own. A basic understand of electronics is assumed.